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New! Coyote alternator cut out already in the frame and 10" double adjustable shocks for an even better ride. Upgrade your steering to an MTF independent front suspension with our full IFS sub-frame assembly. Made with 11 gauge 2” x 3” tubing, which is much stronger than original factory frame rails. This is available as a complete unit or you can purchase the sub-frame first and the suspension pieces later. Everything is completely welded and ready to go including the engine cradle, sway bar brackets and jack pad. You get more engine and header clearance with the shock tower covers that come with the kit or upgrade to the MTF full inner fender panels.

For our long sub-frame version simply bolt it into the front of your leaf spring brackets, lift the front end up, plug weld it to the floor and fire wall in the factory locations. This is the same manner that you would weld a factory frame rail, only this is much easier.

This is available all in one unit or you can purchase the sub-frame assembly and then the IFS later.

The IFS part of the sub-frame assembly will convert your classic front suspension from original equipment to a powerful, controlled ride in an easy to install unit. This will solve clearance problems while giving you superior handling, power steering, and more stopping power. Our kit already includes extras that most kits charge more for like a power steering unit, 18 gauge shock tower covers, upgraded nickel U-joints and a stainless double D bar. In the development of this system the A-arm mount was of particular important to us. This system uses standard shims for easier adjustment and the shock mount bracket is welded in a fixed position so it won't move on you later. This A-arm mount and cradle are made of 11 gauge American made steel. The bling of this system are the QA1 Pro Coil adjustable shocks and coil overs. They don't just look great but also offer the best shock technology out there. You will have more engine and header clearance with the shock tower covers that come with the kit or upgrade to the MTF full inner fender panels. It's all in the details and the brake line bracket is already welded on for you. All of our parts are laser cut for precision. Here at MTF we are in the unique situation to not only manufacture parts but restore mustangs. That give us excellent insight into parts development and what works and what doesn't. That's why we are constantly striving to develop new and better parts and you can purchase all of our parts with confidence. This does require a rear sump pan. Brakes sold separately.

The shocks and coil overs are an integral part of any suspension. We utilize the proven QA1 double adjustable DS403 10" shocks and coilovers. QA1’s double adjustable shocks have 18 positions of compression and 18 positions of rebound adjustment on each giving you 324 valving options. There are no jumps when adjusting between any two clicks. Each adjustment has been carefully defined to provide the ideal force curve to maximize performance.

A-Arms included only when upgrading to IFS components.

Cradle Motor Options 289, 390 428, 460, Coyote 5.0, 4.6, 5.4 and 5.8

Please Note: We do not have a set up for 351 Cleveland The 351C crankshaft sits a lot lower in the block. So, even though a rear sump oil pan is a step in the right direction, the 351C engines require an engine cradle with an open center due the depth of the crank assembly.

Unfortunately, we haven't had enough of a call to develop a cradle specifically for the Cleveland.

Kit includes:

  • Sub Frame Assembly with Cradle, Jack Pad/Tie Down and Sway Bar Brackets Welded In. Subframe comes in black powdercoat
  • Sway Bar and Hardware
  • Motor Mount Bushings
  • A-arm Mount
  • Upper and Lower Control Arms
  • QA1 Gray Powder Coated Coilovers
  • Power Rack and Pinion
  • Shock Bolts and Spacers
  • Black Spindles
  • Nickel U-joints
  • Stainless Double D Bar
  • Shock Mount Covers

Not a welder or want professional assistance with your build? MTF can install your subframe! Call us for details at 877-899-9021.


No brakes are included with this system.

Due to size and weight of the pallet, all subframes need to be shipped to a commercial address with either a forklift or a loading dock available. If this is not possible, you must pick up at a nearby freight terminal.

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Fits 1965-1970 Ford Mustangs and 67-70 Mercury Cougars

For additional help, check out this video.

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"I'm real happy with the sub-frame and your professional experience and support. Looking forward for more of your merchandise to purchase. Thank you very much"

Fred S in New Jersey

Check out this video from Peterson Restorations:


For help determining wheel size, see fitment guide here.

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