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Parts & Restoration for Your ’65 to ’70 Mustang

Parts & Restoration for Your ’65 to ’70 Mustang

A Beauty That’s a BEAST

Your classic Mustang build is more than a sweet ride, it’s a Mustang to Fear! You’ve left your fair share of rubber behind you. The gleam of your baby’s side profile turns more heads than a beauty queen. Everyone knows when you’re almost home…by the sound of your rip-roaring V8 resounding a few blocks away.

Sound like you? Yeah, us too. That’s why we made a place for Mustang fans to get access to quality, classic Mustang parts that are in harmony with Ford specs, as well as Mustang restoration services and a place to interact with other ‘stang fans like you while showing off those badass pics!

classic mustang build by mustangs to fear
Get Your Hands on These

Classic Mustang Parts

Our shop is more than a warehouse. We actually build AND restore Mustangs here in our own garage. That means we have hands-on experience with the very parts we sell. Unlike many other parts suppliers, our parts work in harmony with OEM bodies without the need for alteration or fitting. Check out our classic Mustang bodies!

Get Help With

Your Build or Restoration

Need a little help? Or…need a lot of help? More than a supplier of classic Mustang parts, we also restore, fix up, and trick out classic Mustangs in our own shop. We can do everything from a full restoration to getting you through a tough problem or particular part of the project you’d rather not tackle on your own. Either way, we’ll get your ride calendar ready in no time.

Get Connected

Mustang Community

Are you already a loyal member of Mustangdom? Would you like to connect with a greater community of Mustang-loving gearheads just like yourself? We love seeing new pics, hearing awesome tales of a recent build, and helping out folks who are struggling with their latest project. Become a member and share your mean ride with the community!


take a close look

the gallery

Get some inspiration…or get jealous. Either way, we have plenty of mouthwatering eye candy in the form of tough, beautiful Mustang pics from our shop and from the greater Mustang community.



Visionary Clients​

wonder if we're legit?

Wonder if we’re legit? See what other Mustang freaks have said about our services.

...The quality of the products when they arrived in Australia was fantastic, I could not have been happier. MTF went out of their way to help me actually customize my stuff, for example getting leather on the console.

At all stages my questions were answered and Rich, Michelle and Susie bent over backwards to ensure everything went smoothly. I highly recommend MTF not only for their products but also for the people.

Peter from Australia

...I just cannot believe how good my hood fits compared to Branda’s. You took the time to measure and make sure I was satisfied....

Your return policy includes that you will pay the freight !!! I suspect this policy will never be used! I am just so grateful. I wish I had found MTF earlier in my project.

Dale from MN

Mustangs to Fear has hands down the best service out there. Whether your wanting to order a part or pick Rich’s brain, someone always makes them self-available to you. I honestly think my build would have taken me double the time if it wasn’t for Rich’s great advice.

Derek from Canada

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MTF Tested. Rebel Approved

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