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Mustang Fiberglass Bodies

Our fiberglass body kits fit unlike any other kit on the market today and our one-of-a-kind products such as our one-piece headliners and custom consoles separate us from any of our competitors.



We offer Paypal Credit to make your Mustang build a little bit smoother.


Mustang Steel Bodies With
MTF Suspension

The leader in classic mustang performance and restoration.


THE proof

Is in the builds

Wanna see what we can do for your diamond in the rough? Check out our gallery of past Mustang resurrections done at our vintage mustang restoration shop.

Visionary Clients​

wonder if we're legit?

Wonder if we’re legit? See what other Mustang freaks have said about our services.

...The quality of the products when they arrived in Australia was fantastic, I could not have been happier. MTF went out of their way to help me actually customize my stuff, for example getting leather on the console.

At all stages my questions were answered and Rich, Michelle and Susie bent over backwards to ensure everything went smoothly. I highly recommend MTF not only for their products but also for the people.

Peter from Australia

...I just cannot believe how good my hood fits compared to Branda’s. You took the time to measure and make sure I was satisfied....

Your return policy includes that you will pay the freight !!! I suspect this policy will never be used! I am just so grateful. I wish I had found MTF earlier in my project.

Dale from MN

Mustangs to Fear has hands down the best service out there. Whether your wanting to order a part or pick Rich’s brain, someone always makes them self-available to you. I honestly think my build would have taken me double the time if it wasn’t for Rich’s great advice.

Derek from Canada
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