1967-1968 Coyote Exhaust And Headers

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Model: Exh-Coy, Exh-Man-Gasket

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If you are installing the awesome 5.0 Coyote motor and need a side exit exhaust, this is the set for you. It comes with everything from headers to exhaust tips. We have done a lot of Coyote motors here so we put together an easier to install system and the headers fit great. A lot of time, research and development went into this system so that it stands up to the Mustangs To Fear quality and name. This higher rocker application is also made easier to install. We can't take all of the extra work out of the higher rocker/torque box side exit installation but we can make it a little easier. We have made the exhaust tips even smaller and simplified the installation. You can even get pre-bent metal that is ready to weld into your rocker. Pipes measure 2 1/2".

Why to add the Exhaust manifold gasket? While the engineers at Ford are of the opinion that a tube of gasket maker provides a sufficient seal between the engine and the headers, we take the more traditional view that a metal gasket is the better approach as there is no mess combined with the certainty of long lasting performance.

PLEASE NOTE: This is for the Higher Exhaust application

Coyote Exhaust System Includes:

  • MTF Coyote Headers
  • H-Pipe
  • Mufflers
  • Exit Pipes
  • Exhaust Tips
  • Brackets & Mid-Pipes

Also designed to fit Cougars

NOTE: Headers pictured here are ceramic coated. They will come as stainless steel when you order them.

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1967-1968 Ford Mustang
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