1965-1970 6R80/10R80 Transmission Mount Adapter Kit

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6R80/10R80 Transmission Mount Kit for use with either the Ford 6R80 or Ford 10R80 transmission. This kit is used as an addition to our
regular transmission bracket (TRAN-BRACK-MTF) or the stock transmission bracket for use with an OEM frame (TRAN-BRACK-S).
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Transmission Mount Kit includes the following:

1 ea. Transmission Brace

1 ea. Transmission Mount

3 ea. 12mm x 30mm x 1.75 Thread Pitch Bolt

2 ea. 7/16” x 1” x 14 Thread Bolt

9 ea. 7/16” x 15/16” Thru Hard Washer

3 ea. ½” Thru Hard Lock Washers

4 ea. 7/16”-14 Flange Spin Lock Nuts

6 Body Shims ⅛” Thick

Installation Instructions:

Install angle bracket to transmission tail shaft housing using the 3 12mm x 30mm x 1/75 pitch bolts with washers and lock washers. Tighten to 25 ft pounds.

Install transmission mount to angle bracket using the 2 7/16” x 1” bolts, using washers on the bolt side. Install flange spin lock nuts and tighten to 25 ft pounds.

Shims are provided for transmission mount to crossmember to set transmission height adjustment. There are 2 washers and flange lock nuts for transmission mount to transmission crossmember bracket. Tighten nuts to 25 ft. pounds.

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