Client Testimonials

At Mustangs to Fear we produce great looking, great fitting, easy to install parts. But don't just take our word for it. Here is what some of our customers have to say about our parts.
of from MN
Rich,How can I write a review that even comes close to how I feel. I am compelled to say something. I just can not believe how good my hood fits compared to Branda's. You took the time to measure and make sure I was satisfied and me convinced of my problems that I was having with fitment of the ot... read more
Ron McDonald & the crew at High Rollers & Hot Rods
of from Canada
When a customer came to me wanting to build an custom mustang on steroids, the journey began. Being in business for 12 years building one of a kind show cars stretching across three countries (USA, Canada, England,) playing with fiberglass is nothing new to us Knowing how important and cost effectiv... read more
of from Canada
Mustangs to Fear has hands down the best service out there. Whether your wanting to order a part or pick Rich's brain, someone always makes them self-available to you. I honestly think my build would have taken me double the time if it wasn't for Rich's great advice. read more
of from Australia
I am getting towards the end of a very long build of a 69 Fastback. I had ordered other seats when I came across the MTF website. I ended up buying one of the ABS hoodlinings with console, the leather bucket seats, leather rear seat covers and a console. The quality of the products when they arrived... read more
Ryan L.
Ryan L.
of from BC, Canada
I'm from out of country, and MTF is building my car right now. I can't stress enough how professional the owners and staff are, and how relieved I am that my build is in their hands. Not only is the attention to detail in the workmanship second to none, the same applies for all the parts that they h... read more
Joe B.
Mustangs to fear has the best customer service I have delt with in 20+ years of working on my 67 Fastback Project. The quality of their products is A++. Rich not only stands by his products. He is wonderful to deal with. He's available by phone & email. He as a lot of patience with customers ... read more