Hello Mustang fans!
I don’t know where you live in the world but for me, the end of March means getting towards the end of winter and in a few weeks, we should see all the nice cars and classics on the road again. It can only make me happy! How are your projects coming along? Moving slowly but surely on my end. Is your Mustang a show car or do you love going on road trips with yours? Look at the featured product of the month, if you like driving, MTF has comfortable seats for you.

Featured product of the month

Are you rebuilding your Mustang from scratch or are your seats getting old and uncomfortable and you would love some new ones? Stop searching! Mustang to Fear has the modern classic look seats you need for your 1965 to 1970 Mustang. These seats offer you just the right amount of bolster, lumbar support and cushion. The standard seats are black vinyl without perforated insert, with manual adjustable slides and adjustable headrest for the front. But it’s not all! You can fully customize them!

Look at the Katzin color chart for all color options. MTF also offers the first ever power seat for classic Mustangs and you can also choose to have:
• Two-way power slide
• Perforated insert area
• Power lumbars
• Seat heaters
• Leather
MTF also has a custom convertible seat (pictured below) and a custom coupe seat that will soon be available.

Contact them to get your quote and look at their website catalog for all options.

MTF at work

Mustang to Fear will not only build a car for you, they build their own parts.
There are several processes when it comes to making fiberglass parts. There is chop cut, hand laid and (RTM)Resin Transfer Molding. MTF utilizes mostly hand laid and RTM. In an attempt to stay up to date with new technologies and better parts MTF is slowing shifting most of it’s molds to the RTM process. In this process fiberglass matting is laid in a mold and then it is closed on top with a rubber type mold (3rd pic). Then a catalyzed resin is pumped into the mold cavity under pressure.  The pressure helps ensure quality parts without bubbles and defects. Fiberglass parts will have nice surface quality, less material waste and is more environmentally friendly. 
Below you will find some picture of the process of making a hood.

What’s coming in the Mustang World?

Did you ever dream of owning a Mustang BULLITT and drive it just as Steve McQueen in the 1968 movie? Maybe you did in fact purchase a 1968 Mustang to make it look just like that BULLITT car? Well, now you may want to add to your collection the all-new 2019 Mustang BULLITT. It is offered with the 5.0L engine with the rev-matching technology equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission. It also has Brembo red painted brake calipers, as a standard option as well as black NitroPlate finish exhaust tips, faux gas cap on the rear with BULLITT logo applique and unique front and lower grille without the Pony badge. There are a few more options that you will only find on the BULLITT Mustang. Let’s say I’d be really jealous if you had a classic and new BULLITT in your garage.

Don’t forget the Mustang Owner’s Museum grand opening coming in April! I’ll be there the full day on the 18th and in the morning of the 19th. You can see the full schedule from April 16th to 20th on their website:–55-years-of-mustang-event.html