Happy New Year!
New Year means new blog starting now with Mustang to Fear!
My name is Valerie Tremblay and I’ve been a car enthusiast for more than 15 years! Mustangs are my favorite! I had a Mustang GT 2008 with Roush Supercharger, a 2009 GT500 which was just perfect! Right now, I own my favorite one, a 1967 Fastback, a project to be done from scratch! All to my taste!
I’m happy to be the new blogger for Mustang to Fear; you can understand I love what they do and seeing their projects! For the next 18 months, I will publish monthly articles where you will be able to find out about their products, projects and much more.
You can also see my mustang and the events I will attend on my Facebook page.

Featured product of the month

Let’s start by talking about their new and improved independent front suspension kit (IFS). If you are going to do a Coyote 5.0 swap in your classic Mustang like I’m planning to, this is what you need. The system is offered for Mustangs from 1965 to 1970.

”it is a weld in system in two styles built to road handle like a slot car on a grooved track. The taller spindles allow for smoother suspension movements and better cornering due to less corner dive and driving the tread of the front tires into the pavement. Added to the benefits of the taller spindles is the adjustable splined torsion bar that ties the lower control arms together with precision torsion control. We have also added a shorter steering arm to the spindle for a quick and smooth steering response. This system also lowers the center of gravity with the coyote sitting lower in the chassis. This also allows the transmission tunnel to remain intact without modifications to the sheet metal and allows more hood clearance for the goodies you are installing now or later. No need to remove the power gaining intake manifold runner control valves or modify the firewall the coyote engine sits in the chassis the way it should because the chassis was built around the coyote engine to fit perfectly. Its design was specifically engineered with rigorous in house testing performed to MTF high level quality standards, just for the coyote engine installation. Our professional in house staff has installed these systems and eliminated the typical problems and errors that occur with restomod builds for a smooth install as we do with every part we install and sell. We have eliminated all the headaches for you, this will be the easiest install for the person that wants hands on in the build of the ultimate dream car or for the shop that just wants to give their customers the best of the best for less.”

The MTF C6 independent front suspension kit is available in two style styles: The long sub- frame for the ultimate in total vehicle support, structure and strength and the weld in cradle system kit using your original chassis.

MTF at work

At Mustang to Fear, not only do they design the products but you can also bring your car to their shop to get the work done. They have customers from all over the world. They are currently working on cars not only from United States but New Zealand as well as Canada.

‘We don’t just design a system on a computer and have a manufacturer make them and start selling parts like our competitors. We design and build these cars from the ground up using the real deal mustang. We have the best of the best in parts and suspension at a very competitive price for your coyote builds. All of our parts and suspensions have been installed and tested by our highly trained and experienced staff. We maintain a high level of quality and real world testing with close attention to the details.’

Go visit the MustangtoFear website and you will see all their great products and the projects they are working on. If you have questions or concerns during your build, you have MTF behind you after your buy. You’ll find their installation videos on their website and if you don’t see your questions answered, they are just a phone call or e-mail away. Michele, Rich and their team are just wonderful. They will put you in touch with the pros to help you, not just a service desk person.

What’s coming in the Mustang World?

The Grand opening of the Mustang Owner’s Museum in Concord, North Carolina will take place from April 17th to April 20th, 2019. In addition, the Museum will host the ’55 years of Mustang’ event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on the same dates. They will attempt to break the Guinness World Record Mustang Parade.
Mustang owners, let’s see you there!