Hello Mustang Enthusiast!

Summer is here and with all the recent MTF blog posts and pictures, are you wondering why you don’t own a classic mustang yet? There are many routes to go in this endeavor. You can buy one and redo it from scratch, get a good strong one already restored or buy a driver and put little by little some upgrades to it. It all depends on who you are and the budget you have. Are you handy? Do you want to be able to drive it right away or you don’t mind a five year project in your garage? Regardless of the option you choose go ahead and start your research and expect it to take a little while to find your perfect project. I’ve decided in 2017 that it was time for me to buy the 1967 fastback I have always wanted. I chose to start from a body only, so I can personalize it 100%. It’s going to take me a few years for sure. I’m hoping for five, but the reality is that it always takes a little more. I wanted to learn everything, so I thought it would be a great way to do so, but I’m running out of time with work, family, housekeeping/care taking, etc. I might end up hiring out more of the project than I wanted, but that’s because I’m also impatient and want to drive this beautiful car. If I had to do it again, I might have opted for a drivable car and do some upgrades here and there until it looks like the car of my dreams. So take the time to really think about what you want, what you can handle and how patient you are before choosing your car for you classic mustang project.

Featured product of the month

Do you love the look of wide tires on a mustang? You will have to consider mini-tubs in that case to get the extra room for those large tires. The MTF mini tubs are made out of 18 gauge laser cut steel and will give you maximum amount of space without having to change your standard interior. This will allow your original interior brackets to still work and you won’t have to spend thousands on custom interior. There is also a filler piece included, so you have extra metal to weld to. Visit the MTF online store to find the right kit for your classic mustang. There are styles available for all the model mustangs.

MTF at work

Mustang to Fear not only sells the mini-tubs but can also install them for you. Here are some pictures of some work in progress as well as a video on how to installed them if you wish to do it on your own:

What’s coming in the Mustang World?

Here are some cool summer events you might want to consider this summer and where you can enjoy a lot of classics in North America. I’m sure the list is much longer as there are so many events but these are events that are on my bucket lists or that I have attended in the past:

Barrett Jackson in Connecticut, June 26-29

Syracuse Nationals, July 19-21 in Syracuse New York

Granby International in Granby, Quebec, Canada, July 26-28

Woodward dream cruise August 17th, in Michigan.

Hot August Nights in Reno, from August 2- 11