One-piece Headliners

Pricing OptionsWithout Console: $349.95
With Console: $719.95
one-piece headliners
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one-piece headliners one-piece headliners one-piece headliners one-piece headliners
Fits: fastback
Product Description

New and improved with brighter LED bulbs.

We are the innovators of the original ABS "drop-in" headliner for the 1965-68 Mustang fastbacks and coupes. These easy to install headliners are beautiful with a sierra grain texture. Manufactured in black they are easily dyed to your desired color. One even has a stylish built-in console complete with brushed aluminum and LED lights.

With both of these you gain 2 1/2" of head room in your classic Mustang and there is no need to cut down the seat pans to only gain 1" of height. Our headliners will not sag or separate over time! They install easily and also eliminate the need to take your windshield or back glass out for your headliner installation. The headliner with the upper console features updated switches and LED lights and are real brushed, clear coated aluminum. Both headliners come with matching A-pillar trim, are easy to install and can be painted.

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Q: Is there room for sound deadening material with the drop in headliner?
A: Yes, there is room for both sound deadener and underlayment.

Q: Will my factory overhead console fit this one-piece headliner?
A: No. You cannot use a factory console with our ABS headliner. We have added 2 1/2" of additional head room so the contour is not the same as the original.

This is an MTF exclusive and matches our interior package.

Looking for More Colors?
SEM_Color_Coat To match your current interior color use SEM Color Coat. Available at NAPA or automotive paint stores.

Check out this dyed turquoise coupe headliner:

one-piece headliners one-piece headliners one-piece headliners

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