Why to Choose MTF Fiberglass

In 2007 Rich began working with fiberglass on a Mustang and quickly found out that what was available on the market had to be completely reworked or could not be used at all. The nose had to be cut into three pieces, the flares into four or five and the list goes on. This cost him countless hours and a whole lot of stress. Since he had to go to all of the trouble to make these parts fit his mustang, he decided to go ahead and have a molds made. This way on his next car build he would have good fitting parts. Now MTF is the leader in the mustang fiberglass industry. MTF proved that if you care about what you do and the parts you make, you can build a quality part that has a better fit and less installation time.

All of our parts are made off of original Ford sheet metal on a mustang that has not been damaged or had sheet metal replaced. Since these mustangs are over a half century old it can be rare to find one without prior work done or aftermarket sheet metal replacement. This can make your car build a bit more challenging. To combat this Rich had added some extra features to help with the installation. We can’t control what has happened to your car in the past or the work that has been done to it, but we can add a few features to help make the fiberglass fit a little easier. In the pictures below you will see some of the differences of a typical manufactures fiberglass and our fiberglass. These pictures will help you understand what quality you will get with MTF and how all of the little extras will help you get your car build done and on the road.