When a customer came to me wanting to build an custom mustang on steroids, the journey began. Being in business for 12 years building one of a kind show cars stretching across three countries (USA, Canada, England,) playing with fiberglass is nothing new to us Knowing how important and cost effective it is to start with a good product, researching for a body kit to order was not a tough battle at all after seeing Mustangs To Fear’s kit. The MTF kit had great reviews and a lot of photos on their website to back it up. Having flanges with the hardware already built in is half the battle and the quality and thickness of the fiberglass is second to none. The customer service was amazing and it is a nice feeling when you call and can talk not only to a person, but the owners themselves. I would recommend MTF to anyone looking for a body kit for their mustang, I can not stress enough how much work and money a cheaper kit on the market will end up costing you in the end to make look even close to what you receive out of the box from MTF.

Ron McDonald & the crew at High Rollers & Hot Rods
of from Canada