Hello Mustang Enthusiast!

Are you all driving your pretty classic these days with the nice weather? What do you think about the blog and Mustang to Fear products so far? Have you purchased anything? Share your pictures, we would like to see them!

Did you attend the Mustang 55th Anniversary and Mustang Owners Museum grand opening from April 17 to 20? I went and it was great! Plenty of Mustangs for the lovers like me! There weren’t many classics or restomods, but still a few of them. I’m inviting you to take a look at my facebook page: Valérie Tremblay Car enthusiast, to see many albums and videos of that event!

If you are looking to refresh your mustang this spring, look at the MTF sales page. They have many interior parts on special!

If you have a 1969 or 1970 Mustang, you definitely want to check the featured product of the month. MTF has just that hood you’ve always been looking for!

Featured product of the month

For owners of 1969-70 Mustang, you always see all those nice aftermarket hoods for 1965-68 mustangs, but not many choices for your 1969-70. Well, MTF thought of you and just came up with this one of a kind custom hood. It even has the extra clearance for those who have a supercharger or high intake. It even looks pretty under the hood so you won’t be reluctant to open it during car shows and display that engine bay of yours.

You can also have it with:

-Scoop grilles that can be painted or polished.
-Stainless hood catch that is the only one available aftermarket

MTF at work

If you walk around the MTF garage, this is what it will look like. There are always many mustangs to look in all stages of restoration. If you notice in the body shop picture there is even a Mercury Cougar that made it’s way into the herd. There is also a wide range of engine styles, including a few Coyote swaps. Right now there is even a 5.8 swap into a 1967 mustang getting ready to ship out.

In the shop there is a clean area where the cars are assembled and a body shop area where the dusty work and the sheet metal transformations happen. Of course, a paint room where the fantastic color options are laid down like glass.

Mustangs To Fear is always seeking to improve their equipment, tooling, designs and efficiency. Right now the paint room is being remodeled for even better air flow and painted to update it.

If you are ever in the area and want to get your mustang fix call and schedule an appointment to see this amazing shop.

What’s coming in the Mustang World?

From May 31st to June 2nd, you don’t want to miss the Carlisle All Ford Nationals in Pennsylvania. It’s a great event for the Mustang enthusiasts. You’ll be able to purchase cars, parts, tools, memorabilia, collectibles, etc. It’s really an all-inclusive event. You can also see some demos and more.

Here is the link to the event:

Unfortunately, I cannot attend all the cool events in North America and won’t be at this one, but feel free to share how much fun you’re having there!