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How to Install a Custom 1967-1968 Mustang Dashpad

Mustangs to Fear continues their forward march of unique custom interior parts

How to Install a Custom 1967-1968 Mustang Dashpad
Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor Mustang Monthly -Aug 01, 2013

Modifying a vintage Mustang often falls into two distinct profiles. There are the owners on the left who don’t have issues with busting out a plasma cutter or reciprocating saw to make their mark on their Mustang—a permanent one at that. Then we have the owners on the right who don’t mind a few well-placed upgrades as long as they are easily reversible (such as LED sequential taillights). We’re aware of what Mustang Monthly readers like and don’t like, as there are few enthusiast groups as vocal about their magazine content as vintage Mustang owners, and our typical reader falls somewhere in the middle with a tendency to lean to the right. There’s nothing wrong with that, and that’s what makes this hobby so interesting too!

The folks at Mustangs to Fear (MTF) understand there are different types of vintage Mustang owners as well. While getting their feet wet early on with Eleanor body parts and other hardware requiring permanent modifications, they are acutely aware of those Mustang owners on the right side of the fence and have long been working on a line of parts that require minimal, if any, permanent modifications to fit their parts to your car. MTF began with a really slick molded one-piece headliner a few years ago and has been slowly working on further interior upgrades, with a goal of being able to completely retrofit a vintage Mustang’s interior with trim panels, dash, console, and more for a cleaner yet still decidedly classic feel.