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Greg J.
Woodward Dream Cruiser 1969 Mustang SportsRoof
Rich Donner couldn’t afford his dream Mustang back in the day, so he built a better one years later that perfectly suits him
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Kyle Caraway
Photos By: Rob Kinnan, -Jan 03, 2019
Imagine being able to buy a 396 Chevelle, a Plymouth Roadrunner, or a Boss 302 for around three grand, jumping on Telegraph Road or Woodward Avenue on a Friday or Saturday night, heading to The Wigwam or The Maverick drive-ins, and backing into a spot alongside all kinds of other great cars. Imagine... read more
Greg J.
How to Install a Front Subframe in a Vintage Mustang
Watch as Rich Smith and his crew at Mustangs to Fear in Rochester, Indiana show how to install its complete Long Front Subframe Assembly
How to Install a Front Subframe in a Vintage Mustang
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly Mustang Monthly -Apr 24, 2017
There are several reasons you may consider installing a new subframe in your early Mustang. The stock framerails may be damaged from accidents over the years or have rotted away with rust. Or, maybe you want to toss the stock early Mustang suspension and upgrade to something more capable at the auto... read more