At Mustangs to Fear we produce great looking, great fitting, easy to install body kits. But don't just take our word for it. Here is what some of our customers have to say about our kits.

Brian K. of Frankfort, KY
Brian K. of Frankfort, KY - Eleanor Build

A while back I made a phone call and since then I have been more than excited. On the other end of the phone was Rich from Mustangs to Fear. The call started with just ordering an "E- Body Kit Installation Instructional DVD", but Rich took time to talk to me and answer ALL my questions. By the end of the phone call I knew I was taking my car to him. He is a top notch body-man (artist), painter and person. Once I received the DVD I was sold after watching it. I invited buddies over and they watched it too - and everyone's thoughts were unanimous, the only other question was "When are you taking it to Rich?" I delivered my car on December 22nd, Rich and Michele showed me the operation and the complete product line. Again - I am impressed with everything they are involved with. I was completely comfortable with my car in their hands. I knew everything was going to be done right. Michele kept me updated weekly on the progress and any changes with the vehicle. She even sent me updated detailed pictures throughout the build process.

The kit install is the pivotal moment for ANY E-Build creation, and I know I made the right decision going with Mustangs to Fear.

Now with the car complete - it is a show stopper. I recently entered it in the largest indoor show in the state (Carl Casper - Louisville, KY) with 550 judged cars. The car drew unbelievable attention all 3 days of the show, literally causing congestion at its location. On Sunday Feb. 27, 2011 - My MTF E-Build WON 1st Place in the 1960 - 1969 Hardtop Resto-Mod Category - AND this included ALL MAKES.

Mustangs To Fear is Top Notch in EVERYTHING they do.

Thank you Rich and Michele!

Kevin B. of IN
Kevin B. of IN - Best Eleanor Body Kit

I wanted to let you guys know how impressive these pieces are. I started getting some of the pieces last winter. I finally had the time and resources to get started on my 66 fastback. I have a friend that has been in the body shop/restoration business for over 20 years. As the economy slowed down, he was laid off last summer. I felt letting Troy at least start this project would be good for both of us, and the shop that laid him off, offered to let him use their facility. He came over to my house one afternoon to assess the car. I had not told him about your business or the E-Kit. After he was done looking at the car, I broke out the fiberglass rocker. Within seconds, he said, "Where in the world did you get this?" So I told him about Mustangs to Fear. Then he wanted to see the rest of the parts I had. We dug through the boxes, and the further we went the more excited he got. I couldn't take it any more because he just kept holding the parts up to the light and rubbing on them. Finally I said, "Well, what do you think?" He said, "In all of the years I've been doing this, and installing fiberglass kits and parts of one kind or another, I have never, ever, seen anything of this quality. That rocker is as straight and smooth as it can possibly be. I have never seen anything come close to being that long and narrow, and still that flat. Absolutely, without a doubt, the best workmanship I have ever seen. Shouldn't be hard to install at all

J. Harp of Springfield, MO
J. Harp of Springfield, MO - Best Eleanor Body Kit

I purchased a 68 fastback "Eleanor" which had a body kit from a major supplier installed about 4 years ago. I wasn't happy with the front bumper fit and had my body man take it off to straighten it out. It fell apart in 3 spliced pieces. I had seen the Mustangs To Fear kit on Ebay, so I called Rich to inquire. After about 20 minutes, I knew this was the body kit I needed. Rich's passion for Mustangs and his knowledge of the fitment issues of poor quality fiberglass kits was evident. I ordered the 1 piece nose, hood, flairs, upper and lower scoops, and side exhaust panels. It was shipped promptly by motor freight to our shop. My body man restores NCRS and show quality Corvettes, so he is well versed in fiberglass quality. He immediately commented on the thickness and finish on all the panels. He even said it was better than most press molded Vette panels being supplied today.

The install went smoothly with very little reworking of the flairs to fit the reproduction body panels. The hood was a perfect fit right out of the box. The DVD supplied by Rich and Michele was very helpful illustrating the install shortcuts. I called back and ordered the taillight panel and LED taillights. Both items were again shipped fast and well packed. Michele has emailed many times making sure everything was received in good shape. I just ordered the grill kit and exhaust tips as well. All panels are now installed and the car will go to final paint soon. The gap and alignment is perfect. We are impressed with how easy the one piece nose slips on and off with the pre-installed studs. The lower scoop fitment was easy and did not need excessive filler to align with the doors. The hood underside is smooth and looks great. The added height of the hood scoop is minimal, but allows clearance for my high rise intake. The two piece rocker panel gives the car a "clean" transition matching the door gap.

I would definitely recommend the Mustangs to Fear body kit for quality, fit, and finish. Add the customer service before and after the sale and you can't go wrong. My body man commented that this kit easily saved me more than half the labor hours of other kits he has worked with. I have included pictures of the install and will send more when car is in finished. Thanks for a great product.

J.I. of Pennsylvania
J.I. of Pennsylvania - Eleanor Build

After a horrible and expensive experience with another body kit, I began looking for a new one. I found Mustangs to Fear and my body shop stated that if the Mustangs to Fear body kit fits as nice as they show it does, I will save at least five to six thousand in body work. I moved my car back to my house and after getting the kit I began to put the pieces on with clamps and sheet metal screws. It took me two hours to rough fit this kit on my car and everything fit like it was suppose to. The body shop manager came over to look at the kit and was amazed. He said that it was bitter sweet at how nice it fit and wished that I would have ordered the Mustangs to Fear kit first. The body shop manager also stated that I would save myself a ton of money. My opinion is that this kit is second to none and I spent close to 10,000 in kits to get where I am today. Unfortunately, I got to see the quality difference between the two kits and there is no comparison.

H.P. of the Netherlands
H.P. of the Netherlands -

The body kit has arrived :-) !!!! I can just say one thing "helemaal te gek" that means more than awesome. Wow!!!! Everything is outstanding. I've never seen a body kit with quality like this. Then the grills, shiny, heavy, solid, I'm speechless.....

Thank you for everything and we'll keep in touch.

K. Smith and E. W. of Omaha, NE
K. Smith and E. W. of Omaha, NE -

Let me start off by saying this has to be one of, if not the nicest, kits out there. Mustangs to Fear has taken all the trim and fiberglass work and reduced to a minimum, if any at all! I have used the other kits, they are junk, but I made them work. The hoods I had were terrible, so I had seen the ad on Ebay advertising a kit I had not seen before.

I called and talked to the owner, Rich, not someone who just knows part numbers, you talk to the guy who makes them! So I bought just the nose and hood, when I received it I put the nose on the car and it was almost a perfect fit out of the box. I put the hood on and got the same result.

I then decided to order the rest of the kit. I took all of my old stuff off the car we had painstakingly installed, keep in mind the rest of the car is done and ready for paint, and put all of the Mustangs to Fear kit on. It took me 1/4 of the time and was almost idiot proof. That is how nice these pieces are. It took me days to reinstall, not weeks of gluing, sanding, fiberglassing, filing the big bow out of the other "so called" premium hoods. The hood is awesome and required no fiberglass work at all, all of the quarter flares fit like a glove and are very solid. The spoiler bolts right onto a steel deck lid and once all parts are bonded on the car all you pretty much do is start seam sealing. Obviously, depending on how you hung the quarters, you may have a little filing to do.

If I would have had this kit when I started, I would not have wasted my money any where else. This kit will save you thousands with any body shop, and if you know anything at all about body work, there is no reason why your average Joe can't install this kit. Rich has done all the hard work for you!!

Joe and Sara F. of Warsaw, IN
Joe and Sara F. of Warsaw, IN -

I wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with the restoration and resto-mod work you have done for us. The 1966 Mustang Fastback draws attention every where I go. Your attention to detail, fit, finish and paint work are second to none. As you know we won best of show at several shows.

The most exciting was the 2005 Duck Tail Run (James Dean Festival) at Gas City, Indiana where we won best of show out of almost 2800 cars. I have had several people at the bigger shows come up and want to buy the car. My response is, "Sorry, it's not for sale".

As you know I am a very picky person and some might even say hard to please. Well, all I can say is that I am very happy that you and I met. I found somebody that is as picky about perfection as I am and that person is you. I could not have been more pleased with the final finished product no matter who I might have hired to do it. I would put your work and attention to detail up against anyone in the country.

Oh ya, I better not forget to again thank you for the finished product on my 1968 Mustang convertible. You took it from a diamond in the rough to over the top beauty. This is one that I will never forget. An Eleanor Convertible with many modifications that turned out to be the most beautiful car that I have ever seen. Obviously, we are not the only ones that think so, as both of these cars are the main attraction at any car show we go to. The fiberglass part and again the fit, finish, detail and paint are second to none.

My wife and I both thank you for doing our cars and doing them to the detail as if you were doing them for yourself. You're the best and you can count on us being return customers.

God Bless.

Steve J. of Ontario, Canada
Steve J. of Ontario, Canada -

Hello Rich and Michele,
In October of 2006, I began restoring (restomod) a 1967 fastback. I spent many hours scouring the Internet and eBay looking for parts for my project. I happened across an Eleanor kit on eBay and decided to investigate further on the company's web site. As the Mustangs to Fear web site opened and I browsed through the tabs, it occurred to me that this company seemed to be different. I was very impressed by the well written product description for their Eleanor kit. Never had I considered building my project with an Eleanor kit, but for curiosity one day I sent an e-mail requesting some pricing on the nose and the hood pieces. My e-mail was responded to very quickly (unlike most sites today), the prices were very reasonable, and the e-mail was incredibly friendly. I could have deleted the e-mail, but something told me in the back of my mind to save it for now.

As my project progressed, my curiosity peaked and I decided to call Mustangs to Fear to ask some questions regarding their kit and other kits on the market. I spoke to Michele initially who was incredibly friendly and helpful. When the questions became more technical, I was transferred to Rich who answered every question professionally and honestly. I am by no means a body man and I have never worked with fiberglass before. I had read the other testimonials on the Mustangs to Fear web site and realized that they were right, I am actually talking to the owners, to the people that make and install the kits themselves! After less than a half hour on phone with Mustangs to Fear, I was convinced that with these people, their products, and their assistance-I could have my own version of an Eleanor. I called a few more times to clarify some questions and I was always greeted by Michele and immediately transferred to Rich if she could not answer the question. There was no leaving messages, no machines, and no frustration.

I purchased a complete kit and some other items to make the installation much easier. Mustangs to Fear have taken the guesswork out of installing the kit by providing all the other brackets, lighting, and more in a one-stop store. Now if I have any questions or problems, I only call one place to get the right answer! When I could not understand the answers on the phone, Michele e-mailed me photographs of the parts in question so that I could print them off and bring them right into the garage with me. Rich and Michele even took time out of their busy weekend to make up an instructional DVD to send to me that answered all my questions. Because they actually install kits as well, they made their instructional DVD while building one of their own cars. They made the DVD and shipped it within three days to me in Canada. What other company has ever gone to this length for support!

I cannot say enough about Mustangs to Fear, Rich and Michele, the quality of the products, and the sincerity in which they want you to succeed installing their products. I will continue to send pictures of my project as it progresses.

Rolf L. of Denmark
Rolf L. of Denmark -

Back in the year 2000 I fell in love with the car named "Eleanor" in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds and I knew I had to own one myself while I was still young(ish). Because of that Movie I started to save up money each month. I was 13 years old back in 2000, so my job as a "buzz-boy" at the local supermarket earned me my first couple of grand. When I turned 19 high school was done and I began to work full time as a manager in a sales-company to fulfill my dream of making my own Eleanor. I began to look at the "recipe" on how to make your own Eleanor and I quickly found out that it was not going to be a walk in the park.

I primarily searched ebay for Eleanor Kits and came across many different ones back then. The most expensive was by far the kit from Mustangs To Fear (no wonder: High Price = High Quality). I was a little skeptical about the price verses the quality of Mustangs To Fear kit because the price was almost double the amount compared to some kits, so I searched else where for some time. I continued to come across the Mustangs To Fear kit on various forums. The thing was that all the other kits out there were also mentioned in the same topics as Mustangs To Fear, but Mustangs To Fear were always getting all the nice words attached to their name. Many of the other kits there were mentioned too, but they were not in the forum thread because of something positive and Mustangs To Fear was!

I bought the first version of the Mustangs To Fear DVD on how to make your own Eleanor and after watching I was almost convinced!

So I redirected my full attention on Mustangs To Fear and made my first call to them back in 2010. I got a hold on Michele Smith, one of the nicest persons I have ever spoken to. She told me all about the way they make their Eleanor kits compared to other manufacturers.

Rich took over when it came to some of the technical questions I had and after a short talk with him my mind was set on their full kit and everything included, even though it was the most costly of the kits in my view.

The order was made and now my own Eleanor has become real and as a bonus; a show-winning-car-like finish even though that was never a part of my plan. Mustangs To Fear made that possible.

Michele and Rich are some of the few people in this world I trust with my own hard earned money. Before my meeting with them I had never traded with companies outside Denmark and they made my first experience 100% positive. I have nothing but respect for Rich, Michele, Mark and Susie from Mustangs To Fear. They are always willing to help out where ever they can.

Rich even gave me his private cell-phone number so that if I needed help during weekends I could just call him directly!!! Who does that other than Rich and Michele?

(The money I would have saved by buying one of the other cheaper kits, I have saved 3 times in labor costs because of how well the Mustangs To Fear kit fits compared to the other kits out there).

Because of their professional approach towards their customers, I have made sure that they already got a few more orders placed from Denmark. I have spread the word around because of my own experiences.

Mustangs To Fear have helped me with every area of my car and because of that it has been the smoothest build I ever could have hoped for! You have to give them time to make/order the parts you need, but rest assured... it's worth the waiting. I was the first in Denmark to have placed an order to them and now I think they have received more than a dozen orders coming from Danish customers. I haven't done anything, it's the their quality and professionalism which have opened up the market to Danish customers through my build.

Rest assured, you are in good hands when ordering parts for your dream car through Mustangs To Fear!

Best Regards.
A 100% Satisfied Customer, Scandinavian Custom-Car-Show-2nd-place-winner 2012 and a Happy Eleanor owner!
Rolf Lykke,
Email if you want a personal reference...

Doug K. of Bernville, PA
Doug K. of Bernville, PA -

I've had the pleasure of meeting Rich and Michele at a couple of events and they truly care about people and their cars. All of the parts that I've purchased have been top quality in fit and finish. During the build of my 68 Mustang the forum has been a wealth of information and Rich has always been willing to offer advice.

Alan P.
Alan P. of  -

It doesn't matter what you order from MTF, it will be the finest example of that part you have ever held in your hands. And it is backed by some of the nicest, honest, most helpful people you will ever meet.

Joe B.
Joe B. of  -

Mustangs to fear has the best customer service I have delt with in 20+ years of working on my 67 Fastback Project.

The quality of their products is A++.

Rich not only stands by his products. He is wonderful to deal with. He's available by phone & email.

He as a lot of patience with customers & shops.

I want to highlight Susie in the office as an outstanding individually. She also has a lot of patience & understanding of us crazed customers.

A happy MTF customer.

Ryan L. of BC, Canada
Ryan L. of BC, Canada - Cool 1967 S-Code

I'm from out of country, and MTF is building my car right now. I can't stress enough how professional the owners and staff are, and how relieved I am that my build is in their hands. Not only is the attention to detail in the workmanship second to none, the same applies for all the parts that they have innovated for the general public. My rust free car has been a test bed for many of the popular Coyote swap parts that, until MTF came along, was almost considered voodoo to the classic car builder scene. Now, a catalogue of parts make this swap easier than ever for the weekend warrior and for professionals alike. Having visited MTF twice, experiencing Rich and Michele's generous hospitality, I have seen first hand the quality, pride, and genuine care that goes into all MTF builds, as well the parts that they make. In this day and age, when it seems like so many shops and vendors out there seem to prey on the dreams of car lovers, it's great to know that this shop bends over backwards for their customers, and displays the utmost in integrity.

Peter of Australia
Peter of Australia -

I am getting towards the end of a very long build of a 69 Fastback. I had ordered other seats when I came across the MTF website. I ended up buying one of the ABS hoodlinings with console, the leather bucket seats, leather rear seat covers and a console. The quality of the products when they arrived in Australia was fantastic, I could not have been happier. MTF went out of their way to help me actually customize my stuff, for example getting leather on the console.

At all stages my questions were answered and Rich, Michelle and Susie bent over backwards to ensure everything went smoothly. I highly recommend MTF not only for their products but also for the people.

Derek of Canada
Derek of Canada -

Mustangs to Fear has hands down the best service out there. Whether your wanting to order a part or pick Rich's brain, someone always makes them self-available to you. I honestly think my build would have taken me double the time if it wasn't for Rich's great advice.

Ron McDonald & the crew at High Rollers & Hot Rods of Canada
Ron McDonald & the crew at High Rollers & Hot Rods of Canada -

When a customer came to me wanting to build an eleanor on steroids, the journey began. Being in business for 12 years building one of a kind show cars stretching across three countries (USA, Canada, England,) playing with fiberglass is nothing new to us Knowing how important and cost effective it is to start with a good product, researching for a body kit to order was not a tough battle at all after seeing Mustangs To Fear's kit. The MTF kit had great reviews and a lot of photos on their website to back it up. Having flanges with the hardware already built in is half the battle and the quality and thickness of the fiberglass is second to none. The customer service was amazing and it is a nice feeling when you call and can talk not only to a person, but the owners themselves. I would recommend MTF to anyone looking for a body kit for their mustang, I can not stress enough how much work and money a cheaper kit on the market will end up costing you in the end to make look even close to what you receive out of the box from MTF.

Dale of MN
Dale of MN -

How can I write a review that even comes close to how I feel.
I am compelled to say something. I just can not believe how good my hood fits compared to Branda's. You took the time to measure and make sure I was satisfied and me convinced of my problems that I was having with fitment of the other brands.

Lets think about this for a moment.... They have a return policy of no returns allowed, and I want to put it in there dumpster.

Your return policy includes that you will pay the freight !!! I suspect this policy will never be used! I am just so grateful. I wish I had found MTF earlier in my project.

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