Fender Flares & Lower (MTF) Side Exhaust Rockers

Pricing OptionsFront Flares: $275.00
Rear Flares: $275.00
Side Exhaust Rockers: $375.00
fender flares & side exhaust rockers
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fender flares & side exhaust rockers fender flares & side exhaust rockers lower side exhaust front flares two eleanor mustangs face to face
Fits: coupeconvertiblefastback
Product Description

Designed to work perfectly with our fiberglass MTF Eleanor front nose.

Side exhaust rockers shown here are our very own, MTF rockers which hang lower past the actual stock rocker panel. This allows for easy side-exhaust installation since you won't have to cut into the torque boxes or cut up your existing rockers.

*When ordering your kit, please specify if you want our original or the higher rocker and flare option.

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