Side Exhaust Tips for Lower (MTF) Rockers

Price: $249.95
side exhaust tips
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side exhaust tips side exhaust tips side exhaust tips side exhaust tips
Fits: coupeconvertiblefastback
Product Description

For low-hanging rockers we have designed side exhaust tips to fit our lower hanging side exhaust rockers. These are designed to not have to modify the existing rocker and cut through the torque box. By far the easiest to install!

  • New Molds and Design
  • Redesigned so inlet does NOT hit the torque box on your Eleanor Mustang build!
  • Outlet matches the rocker opening and tips are flush with the rocker, not angled up.
  • Lighter Weight
  • Lower Cost and Better Quality
  • Highly Polished
  • As with all our products, satisfaction guaranteed!

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