Coupe/Convertible Eleanor Style Body Kit

Price: $3,395.00
eleanor style body kit
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65-66 eleanor front end and hood 65-66 eleanor fenders fender flares and nose 65-66 eleanor hood and front fenders eleanor front nose kit eleanor fiberglass nose eleanor fiberglass nose 65 66 eleanor side exhaust side scoops and fender flares 65 66 eleanor rear spoiler side exhaust and fender flares 65 66 eleanor rear fender flares side exhaust skirt and rear spoiler Eleanor Paint Codes
Fits: coupeconvertible
Product Description

Don't spend weeks and thousands in labor installing a competitor's body kit. You'll love how ours easily fits on with little or no modification. Too good to be true? Read our testimonials! We did all the hard work for you, found one of the best fiberglass guys in the country to make all new molds and reworked it all until it fit. Don't buy another brand and regret it later.
Get it right the first time with Mustangs to Fear.

I have been restoring mustangs and in the auto body business since 1971. It only took building one Eleanor type mustang for me to realize that if I was going to continue with this type of resto-mod that I had to put together a body kit that fits. During the first transformation from regular fastback mustang to one with a body kit, I had to buy part after part from many different manufacturers and the fit still left much to be desired. I then set out to make a body kit that would take a week instead of a month or more to put on. The result is a great mustang body kit, with a lot of extra details included and extra billet aluminum accessories available to dress it up.

The complete body kit includes the front bumper/nose with head light buckets and trim rings, hood, front and rear fender flares, rockers, upper and lower scoops, rear bumper, quarter extensions and new rear spoiler for your existing deck lid (coupe or convertible). The fastback includes a full deck lid. All with professionally made fiberglass parts that are uniform and consistent.

The front nose is one piece and easy to bolt on. It includes a galvanized metal plate and welded in studs for a worry free application. The studs fit into all the existing fender holes for a strong attachment. It also comes with molded in headlight buckets, the headlight assembly and stainless steel trim rings to give it a complete look. By making it this way you can change the headlamps and adjust them without having to take the entire nose off. There is also a grill available that fits great with no unsightly gaps. The nose easily bolts onto the front fenders and can be used with or without flares and rockers. All the light openings are trimmed out for you and our nose features a return lip so you can adjust it when fitting it onto your car.

For the 1965-66 body kit we offer our original movie scoop hood and a hood with a 1967 style scoop. I like my hoods to look just as awesome underneath as the top, so it's completely finished on the underside. When you're showing off that muscle under the hood who wants to look at rough, ugly fiberglass? This hood fits, lines up with the cowl and does not hump up on the sides like so many others. It follows the correct curvature of the fender.

The lower scoops have been shaved, so you don't have to add 1/2" of body filler to your doors in order to make them fit right. Ours are also flexible, so they fit the contour of the body as opposed to being over rigid. All of our scoops have studs on the back.

Lastly, the rear bumper, quarter extensions and rear spoiler (for coupe or convertible) or deck lid (for fastback) all line up to work together beautifully. Please do not use our quarter extensions without the bumper or decklid/spoiler as they are designed to go together.

All of our products were tested on numerous Mustangs, both factory original and aftermarket parts, and fit fine. As is with any body work there will always be some tweaking to do in order to fit your particular Mustang, but no fiberglass work! We do not recommend mixing and matching with other fiberglass companies since most of our parts were made to work together.

If you have additional questions about our fiberglass parts please request our DVD that explains the installation of a 1967-68 body kit. There are also comparison body kit pictures on the website under our individual fiberglass parts that will show you the difference between our parts and what you would get from another company.

We are the ONLY company who offers a full no questions asked refund policy. If you don't think you purchased the best Ford Mustang body kit on the market, then we will refund your purchase price in full and PAY your freight to send it back to us (for U.S. orders). No fiberglass company has that guarantee!

Please email us for a price quote on shipping. Allow approximately 2-3 weeks for U.S.A delivery. We have a very high quality kit and are always a bit back logged.

Please plan ahead when ordering.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us directly at: 1-877-899-9021 or 574-223-9021.

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