Roll Bar

Price: $395.00
roll bar
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roll bar roll bar
Fits: fastback
Product Description

Revised design May 1, 2010 Rich has redone our original design and made it even easier than before to install. We cut the install time in half. For those that want, the roll bar could still be welded in solid.

This is easier to install and goes in AFTER the headliner installed!

This roll bar is made to fit the 67-68 fastbacks, but can be trimmed to fit the 65-66 mustangs. It is 1 3/4 mandrel bent tubing with the same design as the original 67 Mustang bar. What makes ours different and better than the others available is once the base plate is welded in, it is made to be bolted in after that. What that means is after your headliner is installed, you can simply bolt your roll bar in. There is no more trying to get your headliner in with the roll bar in the way. It is black textured powdercoat.

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